Top Holiday Destinations in Spain

Spain is a land with remarkable style, and it’s also an area of the sun. It has a lot of famous destinations for a holiday in Europe. It’s where the need for sun sinks too. It is a place where you can have great fun and remember it for order to assist you in choosing holiday destination to visit we have decided high places that you can visit.


Tourist attraction in SpainIt’s among the most known Spanish island that captivates a lot of tourists. It’s well-known for its refines beaches and quite active nightlife. Majorca has drawn tourists for a long time where favorite artists come and even work there. Over here you will find fabulous destination, good culture and nature too.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a charming seaside city found in the Basque country which is close to the Bay of Biscay. It’s one of the top European hangout city with its super soft sand giving a fantastic feeling of beaches, to swim and sunbathe.
Moreover; travelers get to enjoy a lot of water sports like surfing. The town holds functions like jazz festival with specialties like meat, seafood, and fresh vegetables.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava blusters a breathtaking coastline, more so it’s engaging with its mountains, it gives excellent trails for hiking. Also, the coast contains soft sandy beaches with a glowing blue sea that bring swimmers from the whole of Europe. This hangout is analyzed around Barcelona and garden creating a chilling place for day travel.


The hideout is well known to have some attractive beaches in Spain. The place has a great view of mountains, which you can explore through hiking stroll. You can also enjoy the breathtaking soft sandy beaches, the white slopes, and clean water. Asturias also brings tourists, while a few beaches go through strong waves and have small attractive towns providing flexible accommodation.


This place apparently has been lived in from the prehistoric days, since a lot of cherished cave artworks of Altamira originate in this place. Cantabria is well known for its incredible white limestone slopes, mineral water, and its purified beaches. It’s a therapeutic area to have a calm holiday in one of the many hangouts in this great locality.


It is the largest one in the Canary Islands; it’s also a famous destination for many owns sandy beaches and beautiful clear water and a big volcano. Tenerife contains a national park that is under the protection of UNESCO. Have fun under the sun and beach and also go around the clean and uneven field in the national park.